Restructuring of companies – bankruptcy protection

Debugging of companies

Restructuring of companies – protection against bankruptcy. The Office of Legal Advisor in particular specializes in supporting its clients in widely understood restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore, the Law Firm provides a wide range of legal and business services:

  • effective debt reduction;
  • effective, gradual financial crisis management;
  • dealing with a difficult economic situation.

The key advantage is the several years of experience in conducting pre-judicial and judicial restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, representing both creditors and debtors. This basically concerns exposures in excess of tens of millions of euros, as well as assistance to individual entrepreneurs conducting sole proprietorships.

Restructuring of companies Poznań

Comprehensive services in the scope of support in debt restructuring The Law Firm starts with a thorough, meticulous business and legal analysis of a given business entity (sole proprietorship, enterprise, cooperative commercial law company, etc.). This allows for the preparation of the most productive scenario of the planned debt and the adoption of the most appropriate legal structure with regard to further activities. The next stage in which the Law Firm provides its professional assistance is to conduct negotiations with creditors, leading in particular to:

  • renegotiate concluded agreements;
  • conclude favourable agreements to signed contracts;
  • establish cost-effective timetables;
  • deferring the need for immediate repayments, etc.

Protection of companies against bankruptcy Poznań

Apart from current consultations and permanent legal representation in contacts with creditors, the Law Firm also ensures preparation of full (complete) documentation and professional legal representation – if necessary – at the court stage. The above may include in particular:

  • actions for the establishment and extraordinary change of relationship;
  • conducting proceedings on behalf of clients brought by creditors (both against the entities themselves and against members of their management boards);
  • submission of relevant restructuring applications – depending on the result of the analysis, for example in proceedings:
    • for approval of the arrangement,
    • accelerated systemic,
    • systemic,
    • remedial;
  • filing of bankruptcy petitions (including consumer petitions) and participation and filing of specific petitions at creditors’ (boards’ )meetings.

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