Legal services

The Law Office, while building its competences, takes into account the needs of business clients using permanent and comprehensive legal services and assistance. At the same time, we strive to ensure an equally high level of services for individual clients. Therefore, the clients’ needs determine the scope of competence that must be provided by our law office. Due to the above, our main areas activity are:

Commercial companies law

  • advising and setting up commercial companies (in particular general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability companies), including by electronic means,
  • preparing agreements and statutes of commercial companies, regulations of supervisory boards and management boards,
  • legal services for bodies of capital companies,
  • representation of shareholders at general meetings and in relation to disputes between shareholders,
  • preparing and reviewing draft contracts of companies, statutes, resolutions of bodies, regulations, shareholder agreements, assembly protocols, plans related to the transformation of companies and all other necessary corporate documents,
  • advisory services in the field of capital market law and securities law
  • consultancy in the processes of merger, division and transformation of commercial companies (M&A),
  • representation in courts in proceedings regarding, among others, appeals against resolutions of corporate bodies and convening meetings of shareholders,
  • representation in courts in proceedings concerning the exclusion of partners,
  • dissolution and liquidation of commercial companies.

Contract law

  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of commercial contracts, i.e. contracts for the sale of goods and equipment, cooperation, consultancy, credit agreements, provision of services, NDA contracts,
  • contracts related to the use of things (lease, tenancy, lending, leasing agreements),
  • commercial intermediation agreements (agency, commission and distribution agreements) and all other agreements related to the broadly understood economic turnover,
  • contracts related to construction investments, i.e. developer agreements, investor’s supervision, performance of construction services, etc.,
  • providing opinions and drawing up agreements with retail chains,
  • reviewing and constructing contractual patterns, including those used by traders in the consumer turnover,
  • preparation of the concept of transaction security (bank guarantees, promissory notes, pledges, mortgages, guarantees, etc.),
  • providing opinions, negotiating and drafting agreements related to securing transactions,
  • pursuing all types of claims in connection with contractual obligations.

Civil law

  • claims for compensation and redress,
  • civil action for payment – recovery of debts,
  • material law cases, including property law, the abolition of joint ownership, acquisitive prescription, division of property,
  • matters for establishing easements,
  • issues related to the regulation of the legal status of real estate,
  • cases concerning the division of assets,
  • eviction cases,
  • matters related to real estate trading,
  • debt recovery,
  • lawsuits for slandering.

Employment law

  • preparation of legal information and opinions,
  • establishment and termination of employment relationships,
  • preparing and negotiating Company Collective Bargaining Agreements and annexes, work regulations, remuneration and bonuses as well as other documents related to the work process, including employment contracts, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, etc.,
  • accidents at work,
  • collective redundancies,
  • legalization of work and stay of foreigners,
  • protection against claims regarding mobbing or discrimination,
  • representation in litigation before courts of all instances, throughout the country, as well as settlement negotiations,
  • training in labor law addressed to employees at various levels and employers,
  • cases concerning social security,
  • counseling on the granting of disciplinary sanctions,
  • regulations / contracts regarding entrusted property.

Copyright and competition

  • advice on the protection of copyright and infringements,
  • providing legal services and advices in the field of trade mark protection and trade
  • preparing and reviewing draft contracts and negotiations regarding the transfer of property copyright and license agreements,
  • conducting disputes related to press publications, in particular regarding the infringement of personal rights,
  • advising on abuses of a dominant position and agreements restricting competition,
  • representing the client in court proceedings for damages for infringement of copyright and acts of unfair competition.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

  • developing the strategy and legal structure of the entire transaction,
  • carrying out a due diligence on the company (legal documentation audit),
  • preparation of documentation, i.e. letter of intent, NDA, Term Sheet, Investment Agreement, Share Purchase Agreement etc.,
  • active participation in the negotiations.



  • analysis of the company’s legal position,
  • selection of an appropriate legal structure for the restructuring of the company,
  • negotiations with creditors,
  • preparation of documentation (settlement projects, correspondence with creditors, defense in court proceedings, application for opening arrangement / bankruptcy proceedings).

Administrative law

  • conducting proceedings before state authorities in cases of complaints, permits, etc,
  • conducting court cases before administrative courts.

Public procurement law

  • preparation of Specification of Essential Terms of a Contract,
  • participation in tender committees,
  • litigations, e.g. for return of deposit.

In addition, we provide services for individual clients in the field of:

Family law

  • divorces
  • separations
  • marriage annulment,
  • division of joint property of married couples,
  • alimony
  • regulating the contact of parents or grandparents with children and grandchildren,
  • restriction or deprivation of parental authority,
  • denying or establishing paternity,
  • recognition and denial of child recognition,
  • partial and total incapacitation,
  • adoption of a child,
  • matrimonial property agreements,
  • court approval for legal acts on behalf of the spouse,
  • establishing a guardian,
  • consent of the guardianship court to perform acts by legal guardians of the child.

Succession law

  • help in preparing the succession structure (wills, records, etc.),
  • lawsuits for declaring inheritance, inheritance and retention.